Women in cycling: why we matter


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At Girl Bike Love, our goal is to positively impact the number of women riding bikes, identifying themselves as cyclists and adopting cycling as a lifestyle.  But Why?

Why should we and other advocates be focusing on the female rider?  Why its it important to get greater support for women’s racing and events?  Why should the cycling industry spend more time marketing to women?  Why does it matter if women ride bikes?

We all know what an incredible impact cycling can have on our health, our communities and our environment.  Cycling has much more to offer this world than two rubber tires licking the ground below.  Simply put, bikes can save us.

With increased cycling in a community comes change, positive change. One must only look to US cities such as Portland, Boulder and Minneapolis, to see the positive growth that has resulted with the development of a strong cycling culture and attention to bicycle infrastructure.  Fortunately, many communities are following in their footsteps and the list ofBicycle Friendly Cities gets longer every year.

In order to make this shift in our society on a much larger scale, we need to engage the greatest influencers of all time.  WOMEN.

Women are Change Makers

Women make things happen.  Women talk, women write blogs and create communities focused around movement.  According to the Enthusiast Demographics and Industry Trends Survey recently conducted by Bikes Belong, “…female respondents were more active online. Women were more likely to be on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, or have a personal blog or website.”

Women are the greatest influencers of all time.  Women like to tell of their experiences, encourage and support one another.  Women like to share.

For this reason, female cyclists are rarely created individually but more often in groups of two or more.  Women share their passions and empower one another to reach their goals.

Invite a woman out on a ride and the first thing she will do is ask her friend to come along.  Invite two women out for a ride and you’ll have a whole pack.  Invite a dozen women out for a ride and you better close down the streets because it is going to get a little crowded.

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